With quality and safety being the watchword of Akotex Nigeria Limited MPLifts, the company had put into consideration the vast race at which Technology is racing in the Engineering field, thereby giving young and innovative minds opportunity to get trained and certified as an Installer.

To be a certified and well trained MPLIfts installer, it is compulsory to go through a 1-2 years training with the company

Elevator technicians use specialized equipment such as pressure gauges and ammeters to test the function of elevators, escalators and residential lifts. Technicians who can specialize in either maintenance and repair or equipment installation need a working knowledge of electronics, electricity and hydraulics. Most technicians train through 4-year apprenticeship programs offered by an elevator company. These programs offer supervised instruction in all aspects of the field, preparing graduates to test for technician certification.

Apprentices are paired with experienced elevator technicians and begin their apprenticeships by doing menial tasks. They eventually work their way up to learning about counterweights, motors, hydraulics and electrical wiring.

MP Lifts by Akotex Nigeria Limited offer free classes to go along with the hands-on training side of apprenticeship programs. Coursework includes:

Elevator history
Installing elevator components
Electrical wiring
Hydraulic theory
Associate’s Degree Programs

Associate’s degree programs in electronics provide students with skills in electronic test equipment as well as a working knowledge of computer hardware and software often used in the field. Associate-level electronics programs are geared towards providing students with training for entry-level positions in a variety of fields, including elevator technology.

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